Friday, September 27, 2013


My thoughts are so disjointed
How could you take your life?
I'm angry, frustrated and disappointed 
Look at all this damage, hurt and strife

Brother, I am sorry you were in so much pain
I feel guilty that you felt you couldn't call
Knowing that I won't speak to you again
Is the most painful thing of all

No fucking answers just questions now
We were the same Goddamn age
Wondering if we failed you and how
Feeling emptiness and rage

These fatal steps can't be retraced
Why Steve? Man, why?
What was the problem that you faced
That made you want to die?

I guess there's no point asking
There's not much left that we can do
Console each other's mourning
Just know this bro; we miss you.

I got the call last night from Steve's brother and one of my best friends, Larry.  I am still in shock these words are anemic at best.  This is how I deal with loss.  I don't know or care if my prose are any good.  I just needed to do something with all this angry energy.  My condolences go out to Steve's family.

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