Saturday, December 18, 2010

Riding In The Storm

I could never know
The joy of sunlight on my face
Unless winter's grip
Had left its trace

Any wisdom 
I claim to hold
Came as result of
Lessons hard and cold

If expect 
To walk in calm
I must endure
The tempest's song

When at last 
The Spring returns
And passion's fire
Can flare and burn

How wonderful
That flame will warm
I rise again after
Riding in the storm

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Raindrops in the Snow

The world can be a harsh place
With cold and thorny walls
At times it seems there is no trace
Of humanity at all

But then one day a stranger calls
To brighten up your day
Then all of your defenses fall
All sadness washed away

Ephemeral as spider webs
A sweet song no one knows
Until it sings inside your head
Your chasing raindrops in the snow

My friend, thank you for your kindness.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Am No Man

I am no man
There is no hatred in my heart
No more blood spilled by my hand
In wars of men I’ll have no part

I am no man
Judgment’s curse I shall forsake
Now finally I understand
To offer more than what I take

I am no man
Wisdom has yet eluded me
My days like falling hourglass sands
A thousand tears that fill the sea

I am no man
The parts you see may well confound
Some token of the master plan
Soon dust returned to sacred ground

I am no man.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome Samhain (Sauin, Samain)

We celebrate the lengthening of the night that balances the day. 
We welcome our departed family and friends
And chase malign spirits away. 

So don you now scariest garb, and light the pumpkin wards
Dance and sing; revel in the moonlight
To keep dark, foul spirits from knocking at your door

And if some ghoulish figure 
Comes a haunting at your hearth, 
Offer something sweet 
Or you just might get something worse...


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Choosing joy seems obvious.
Pose the question; is it better to be
Happy or sad?  One should easily see.
Not unrealisticly so, not blinded by it,
Rarely that and then...

Joyous, because you can be.
Exhuberant, to far flung extremes
Beyond the norm of the contented
To where angels love to dream.

A gift the day it happens
This rare exhaulted place
Slowly savor, live the moments
Bathe in the magik and blessed be

Breathe in God's life giving breath
Dance in the light of life and be set free

It's like coming out of a dark tunnel or the rainbow and crisp air after a storm.  When it hits nothing else matters.  Joyous because life has returned to me again.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How will God know

There is beauty in all things. 

If you wish to see the face of God, look in the mirror and smile. 

If you wish to hear God's voice, laugh out loud. 

If you wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, open your heart, 

give more as you receive, 

love more as you are loved, and 

forgive more as you have been forgiven. 

In these ways you will know God and God, in turn, will know you

God's omnipresence is inevitable and irrefutable.  The only ones who do not sense it are those who choose ignore it.  You can deny the wind, the air you breath, the sound of laughter, but whether or not you see it, it is there.  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Paladin

Not something the sane would seek
The cost of this is dear
To stand resolved, defend the weak
When others turn with fear

You will not find some grand reward
In fact you'll lose much more
Just know my friend the road is hard
And heartbreak lies in store

Sometimes your loves will turn away
At times it's you who'll leave
Alone to guard the night and day
No respite no reprieve

For still you know it's out there
A dark foreboding hand
The pestilence you see and hear
Defiles and chokes the land

So set your jaw like stone
Shout out your battle cry
Steel my friend both blood and bone
Lest innocents should die

Hold high the sword of righteousness
And sound the battle horn
Advance the charge do not digress
Honor the oath you've sworn

For the Light Eternal!
For kingdom yet to come!
For love of God, for one and all
Until the battles won.

Not something that the sane would seek
And still you ride again
Uphold the law, protect the meek
Make ready Paladin

I am very lucky that I work with law enforcement agencies.  I have met, through work, some of the most honorable and noble men an women in the world.  True Paladins, willing to put their lives on the line to maintain order in our towns and cities.  While there is no doubt the badge is not a perfect gauge of character it does speak to the courage and commitment that not everyone possesses.  It is for those who not only wear the badge on their uniforms but also in their hearts that I wrote this.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


You offer your opinions
You may even lend a hand
You can choose to walk away
Or simply understand

That when it comes to me
My path, my course, my dreams
For good or ill the choice is mine
I’ll deal with its extremes

I have to do the driving
Along the narrow slope
I have to make my choices
Embrace them and then cope

I do not wish you hardship
In fact I wish you well
That we could live in harmony
I know in time we will

You offer your opinions
Now I shall offer mine
When it comes to my life
I say let me define
It seems today we have an over abundance of people who need to direct traffic.  It is well that we have opinions and that we try to educate each other in morality and ethics.  It is good that we be accountable for the repercussions of our actions.  But we should not presume to hold ultimate authority on how people live their lives.  It is not just an issue of tolerance because that presumes too much; it is simple respect for the rights of the individual. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Dutchman

I can not seem to find
The place I wish to be
I sail the water rudderless
An errant ship at sea

To safe port I should sail
Repair the damage done
But duty calls me back again
The battle not yet won

But soon I fear to founder
In waters cold and deep
There to spend eternity
Not waking nor asleep

A ghost upon the ocean
A specter of the sea
Forgotten by the one I love
This boat my prison be

So, loe behold the sunrise
Run from advancing day
To seek the others like myself
And guide them on their way

Saturday, June 5, 2010

On This Night

On this night
I began to see
Who I really am
At this time
I realized
My part in the grand plan

In this moment
I can choose to define
Right now
I have redrawn
The line forever

Here before you
Stands a better man
Where once stood still
Walks a brighter light
Less afraid

From now
Until forever
I hold the key
Make the choice
Set me free

On this night
As I realize
All of this
I know
I miss you still

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Word commands; universe acts
Stars are born
Spoken actions, reality become
Chosen, what you've done

God's children
Divinely delivered
Infinitely empowered
Everything growing to wisdom

Unconditional, eternal passion
Starward vision
Linked together
Endless bound

Acceleration purposefully driven
Charging, victory assured
Enlighten, embolden
Educate, shining path

Word commands; universe expands

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Needle on E

Feels like I am alone again
Surrounded though I be
Most see only what they want
Or maybe what they need

Still I drive on, half asleep
No one looks to see
The tank is long since empty
The needle is on E

Tired, the so called "hero"
Longing to be free
After all those I have "saved"
Who's here to rescue me?

Curse myself a foolish man
Broken though I be
Drive until the last drop's gone
The needle stuck on E

OK this is self-absorbed and selfish; that's fine.  It's how I feel today.  I am sure I am not the first nor the last to feel it.  I am at my wits end with myself and with those around me.  I have lost so much of myself trying to do what I thought was right and honorable that I don't know who I am anymore.  I will survive.  I am a good man.  I have in me the devine spark of God.  I know it is here somewhere, I just need to find it again.  I need to see it so I can remind myself it is really true.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I thought I saw you today,
My heart was glad,
As I, near breathless, approached
The image shifted and you were gone once again.
Still in my heart I was glad.
I knew, beyond reason, you were well
And had thought of me too.

Have you ever missed someone so bad that you saw them everywhere?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Longing

As Summer's breeze
Cools into Fall
Like leaves from trees
Before me sprawled

And in my eyes
A tapestry
Both truth and lies
Wove maserfully

In each of these
You still reside
A presence felt
Still at my side

Where 'er you go
My heart goes too
Though distant paths
From those we knew

Throughout my years
Love, lovers and friends
Too well I know
This longing never ends

You get it.  I know you do.  Still...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye; Saying Hello

Saying goodbye
It is tough when some things pass
As tear drops leave my eyes
And steal my will to laugh

I know that things work out
They always find a way
Choking back my doubt
Embrace the coming day

Saying hello
Rejoice in something new
Bask in dawn’s warm glow
This dear love is true

A new day has begun
And still within my heart
Though new songs must be sung
You have colored every part

A New Decade, never forgetting those things and people who have passed from us.  Remembering the joy we felt and even those things that did not go as planned; we survive and triumph.  I thank God for all that has touched me and made me who I am.