Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When My Own

Windblown new beginning
Going down in flames
Responsible for your happiness?
When my own?

Soft landing, pillow case
Sheets strewn like shards of glass
orgasmic, climatic, frustration, disappointment
Mine is blown

Fallow fields, nothing grown
Blood and sweat, cum and gone
Shade and water hard to find
Cannot make it home

You've had your say
Find another way
 I've already gone
Out on your own

Tears squeezed sponge dry
Suck it up, more to come
Callous fingers working thread
Close wounds stitched up tight

It's just today
A simple pain
No alarms, no alarms, no alarms
I'll be ok

I will stand, be a man
Take control of this life
Direction, decisions, destinations wiser
When my own

Roger H. P. Clark
The Necromata