Monday, August 20, 2012

I Can Choose The Beauty

I woke this morning, the Sun peaking around the corners of my blinds.  The same parrots that have greeted me since my youth laughed outside my window.  My dogs, each vying for position, began jumping up on the bed as if there was a race to see who could be pet first or receive a greater share of my love.  I made my coffee looking out at the San Gabriels as I have done thousands of times before.  Last week’s heat wave, broken for now, gave way to a gorgeous blue sky with just a few puffy white clouds to provide contrast.  I could feel life force soaring within me.
Driving in to work seemed a shame on a day this beautiful but, I have bills to attend to and clients, that I care about, who will need me today.  Technology conspiring against me; I discover my tools are not working as they should.  It doesn't even faze me inside.  I grumble, just loud enough so that my boss will know how “disappointed” I am, not being able to do the work I had scheduled.  Secretly coveting this opportunity to read a few pages of book ten in the “Wheel of Time” series, enjoy my iced tea, and do a little writing.
Billie Holliday serenades my soul with haunting ‘melodies, of days gone by’.  A text or two from my best friend and a chance to breathe a little for a change; who says Mondays have to be all gloom and doom?  I answer a few e-mails, make a few calls and wonder why they call this work.
Next week I travel to Texas to do an installation and training.  I hope to get a chance to meet up with some friends while I am there.  Travel is my favorite part of the job.  I go, I see, I meet, I share, I learn, I come home, I love it.
This isn’t a diary entry.  This isn’t poetry nor a short story.  This is a snapshot of a day that I could have complained about.  It is a declaration of satisfaction that I chose otherwise.  It is a reminder for myself if the occasion arises later for me to forget these simple lessons: 1) enjoy the sunrise 2) love is there 3) smile when things go wrong 4) there is much to look forward to.
I can choose the beauty of contentment.

Roger H. P. Clark
The Necromata

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Cycle Begins

Photo by Gary Gonnella
Out of passion, light is spawned 
The Angels sing of that potential 
The light enters the world 
And the universe marvels at this rare gift 

The light grows and reunites with kin 
In this union, reunion, joy begins 
One journey joins many 
And the cosmos trembles at the power of the joined 

The lights grow through loving bonds of unity 
Histories and inventions are made 
Songs and tears flow, poetry of sweet, sweet moments 
And the heavens know envy for the lives we lead 

A light flickers and fades, it's energy seems to wane 
Grief, a sense of loss from all those left behind 
Understanding fails, but memories and other bonds see us through 
And the Spirit of the Lord is among them, giving comfort and strength 

In time all earthly light dims from this world 
Traveling back to the source of all power and love 
In this union, reunion, joy begins anew 
The hosts of eternity sing exultant praise to the Creator 

Out of passion, light is spawned 
There is no ending, just a turning of the cycle 
No deaths, only arrivals, reunions and departures for new horizons 
We are eternal and eternally bound; through the grace God 

A cycle begins

"As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen."

Roger H. P. Clark
The Necromata

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Raise Up Your Banner

Through many years
And journeys long
We shared the taste
Of tears and song

If you should stumble
I'll lend a hand
That you might lift
Yourself again

Though paths confound
And all roads wind
The miles between
Cannot divide

And if I am needed
I'll double back
To help you get
Yourself on track

If others forsake you
And you see no allies
I will be your advocate
And stand by your side

If you feel defeated
If you fall or stammer
I will lift you up
I will raise your banner

And if dear friend
Through the darkest time
You see me falter
Please raise up mine

Roger H. P. Clark
The Necromata

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Will Not Let It In

I haven’t written anything new in several months
Pain and fatigue have plagued me
Soon the doctors will remove and biopsy two masses
And I know just what they’ll see

My mind is set to rejoice
For in two weeks I'll hear
The results of surgery and test
Knowing how right I was not to fear

I am healthy and strong
I‘ve renewed my dedication
To invigorate this life force
Existing without trepidation

I‘ll get back into the gym
Working much harder everyday
Giving glory to my God
This tribute I will pay

Though other thoughts assail me
The vow is made to win
If doubt comes knocking on my door
I Will Not Let It In

Time to man up and live the way I speak.  No excuses.  No retreat.  The check is due.

It's There

Still seeking some sign
Chasing after something
I can't seem to find

Search for satisfaction
In lovers and in friends
All the while knowing
The answer is within

Victory  exists somewhere
But how to set it free?
The truth is, it's ephemeral
As sunbeams or a breeze

There is no worldly logic
No tidy bow or tie
When other try to tell me so
I say it is a lie

Hear the wisdom of your heart
To lead you from dispair
You've finaly solved the riddle
Trust in God's voice, find it there

Discovery comes from introspection and meditation. The Maggavagga states "Wisdom springs from meditation; without meditation wisdom wanes..." Elijah described the voice of God as a "Still Small Voice". The Psalmists said to "Be still and know that I Am God." I have often driven myself crazy trying to find answers I already have. God is in me, always with me. I Am never separated from God's grace. The answers are ours. We just need to let them reveal themselves.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here we sit across the table
Hands upon each other's throats
Nervous fingers, twitching triggers
Politics incite the hoax

 In the streets the people scramble
Hatred sparks and lights the fuse
Revolution!  Revolution!
Hide at home and watch the news

I look around and despair is all I see
I close my ears to the lies their tellin' me
I know somehow there must be a better way
Awake! Awake! Can't you hear me now I'm prayin'

Love's the one and soul solution
That could change the rising tide
Cut out all the noise pollution
Breaking walls of foolish pride

Now lock hands and join the circle
Violence turned obsolete
Revolution! Revolution!
People dancing in the street