Friday, July 19, 2013

Sanford Come Golgotha

Just another Jew?
Just another Nigger?
Just another innocent
A kid going home to get his dinner

You denied him thrice; before the cock crowed
You hid behind excuses for murder, playing Sadducees and Pharisees
You justify a homicide and now your true self showed
Afraid of a fucking kid no, you should be afraid of me.

Angry, riotous
Indignant , incensed
Resolved, righteous
Prayerful, fasting, mournful and intense

Just another casualty
Pinned on society's cross
Just a bag of silver
The heart and soul of a system lost

It really doesn't matter
What the verdict reads
Your hands and face smeared and blood spattered
We see the crown, don't we?

Sanford come Golgotha the innocent pays the price
Now cowards, hear the sound, boots on the ground.
We bring  injustice to light
Past time for us all to Stand Our Ground

Dear friends, I used language in this work I do not normally use nor condone.  I apologize to anyone offended.  I tried to give voice to my anger and disbelief.  I wanted to report honestly what I see, the only way I know how.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's All About Your Attitude

It's all about your attitude
You have to live your joy
The days will come that test resolve
How you weather them is up to you

This is neither condescension nor platitude
Embrace each day as a child with a beloved toy
Do not let your determination dissolve
Awaken every morn and see it bright, alive and new

Charge your love battery with gratitude
Share it with others; the secret is yours to employ
Let your soul and your mind evolve
Let you soul's light shine straight through

See the blessings come in multitude
Live life and you'll begin to enjoy
See all good things around you revolve
Now awakened realizing that all your dreams have come true

On Bigotry and Moving Forward

I am a person of Germanic blood, born in Latin America and raised in an Afro-Cuban household.  I have traveled extensively domestically and abroad.  These factors have afforded me a rather unique perspective on the issue of race and the dynamic surrounding it.  I am not implying nor stating that my perspective is any more important or valid that that of other people.  I submit my viewpoint and you can draw your own conclusions.

Miriam Webster defines A Bigot as:  a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.  Racism is defined as: 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race  2 : racial prejudice or discrimination.  I bring up those definitions because I think it is necessary to define terms when trying to identify and or resolve a problem.

I am of the personal opinion that Bigotry is one of the most base and common practices on earth.  Most people do not in fact, even recognize Bigotry as they engage in it.  It is a part of every culture to some extent or another.  I have also seen that it is a learned behavior.  Some would call it a defense mechanism left over from a time of territorial disputes over basic resources like land, food, and water. 
A certain degree of Bigotry is accepted and seemingly encouraged by most societies. 

Bigotry is the basis for racial “humor”, stereotypes and attitudes that we see on T. V. and movies.  It is however, the seed that allows Racism to sprout, grow and thrive in a culture.  I have even seen Bigotry turn on itself and become self-loathing.  This creates “collaborators” and “corroborators”.  People that either go out of their way to prove the negative stereotypes or distance themselves from the group and say “I’m not like them; they are…”

Regardless of its origins, we should address the fact that Bigotry is a learned behavior, not a natural one.  The problem is its institutional acceptance and it existence on a global scale.  If the tide of Racism is ever to be stemmed we have to educate it out of existence.  Sweeping programs, mandates, and regulations have masked the symptoms but in the end, only education and developing new habits will ever reverse this social disease.

There must be a spiritual transformation of the individual.  We must learn how to see ourselves honestly and take ownership of our lives.  We have to come to peace with our past; forgive those who have harmed us, offer amends to those we have harmed and give thanks for the tests that have shaped us into the people we are.  We must acknowledge the commonalities shared by all people.  We have to treat each other with respect and dignity.  Most of all we have to learn to be grateful, truly grateful, for the gift of life and all of this experience.

The law must also evolve.  The institutions of governance must follow the same course as their constituency.  The United States Constitution is a beautiful poetic document but, it is long past time that it become more than poetry.  Its high minded ideals and promises must give way to social and spiritual rebirth and reform. 

All of these things require work.  But with hard work comes great satisfaction.  We can build a different nation.  We can build a better world; we owe it to ourselves and our children.