Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Will Not Let It In

I haven’t written anything new in several months
Pain and fatigue have plagued me
Soon the doctors will remove and biopsy two masses
And I know just what they’ll see

My mind is set to rejoice
For in two weeks I'll hear
The results of surgery and test
Knowing how right I was not to fear

I am healthy and strong
I‘ve renewed my dedication
To invigorate this life force
Existing without trepidation

I‘ll get back into the gym
Working much harder everyday
Giving glory to my God
This tribute I will pay

Though other thoughts assail me
The vow is made to win
If doubt comes knocking on my door
I Will Not Let It In

Time to man up and live the way I speak.  No excuses.  No retreat.  The check is due.

It's There

Still seeking some sign
Chasing after something
I can't seem to find

Search for satisfaction
In lovers and in friends
All the while knowing
The answer is within

Victory  exists somewhere
But how to set it free?
The truth is, it's ephemeral
As sunbeams or a breeze

There is no worldly logic
No tidy bow or tie
When other try to tell me so
I say it is a lie

Hear the wisdom of your heart
To lead you from dispair
You've finaly solved the riddle
Trust in God's voice, find it there

Discovery comes from introspection and meditation. The Maggavagga states "Wisdom springs from meditation; without meditation wisdom wanes..." Elijah described the voice of God as a "Still Small Voice". The Psalmists said to "Be still and know that I Am God." I have often driven myself crazy trying to find answers I already have. God is in me, always with me. I Am never separated from God's grace. The answers are ours. We just need to let them reveal themselves.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here we sit across the table
Hands upon each other's throats
Nervous fingers, twitching triggers
Politics incite the hoax

 In the streets the people scramble
Hatred sparks and lights the fuse
Revolution!  Revolution!
Hide at home and watch the news

I look around and despair is all I see
I close my ears to the lies their tellin' me
I know somehow there must be a better way
Awake! Awake! Can't you hear me now I'm prayin'

Love's the one and soul solution
That could change the rising tide
Cut out all the noise pollution
Breaking walls of foolish pride

Now lock hands and join the circle
Violence turned obsolete
Revolution! Revolution!
People dancing in the street