Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blurred Realities

She walked into my life
And reality blurred
When my vision cleared
I beheld the most exquisite creature
God had ever created in her image
From that moment, I knew
I would never love another

She opened her mouth
And music stirred
When my ears could hear
A voice, just like a star
Choirs of angels stopped and listened too
Since that time, no sound
Could ever stir my heart

She said “I do not want you”
All my worst fears confirmed
When my pain eased
I held no grudge but had to leave
My strength failed
Should I have stayed, my desire
Would surely have driven her away

She touched my soul
Again reality blurred
When I awoke from that dream
I knew that I was better because of her
My soul longs to see, to hear, to be near
Still I know she is safe, secure and loved
I am at peace even in my solitude