Saturday, February 26, 2011

All Too Much

Sometimes its all too much
Feeling oppressed at work
I want to scream out, cry foul, quit
The vice tightens on my brain
I will not succumb to all of this shit

Sometimes its all too much
Said and did so many stupid things
I hurt her and I don't know why
Thought I was better than this
In the end I still made her cry

Sometimes its all too much
Disproportionate, disappointment, dissolving, diluting
My purpose, sending me to despair
Done. Done Damn it! I wept silently
Mirror reflection there's nobody there

Sometimes its all too much
I long for her, yearn for her
She owns every bit of me
I am nothing she needs nor desires
But I'm better dead than free

Sometimes its all too much
I have to regroup, recoup, revive
Remind myself of the rhythm and the rhyme
Rise.  Rise up man! You can't just give up
This same fucking battle fought many times

Sometimes its all too much
Still they come to my rescue
My angels, my family, my friends
Reminders, encouragement, a slap to the head
I see my good fortune, and the crisis finds an end

We all get overwhelmed.  Stress has many names, causes and symptoms.  We all fall short of the mark from time to time.  I am blessed to have these crazy people I love as friends.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Were I to sing of my love

Were I to sing of my love
The tune could not sound as deep
The melody nowhere as sweet
As the sound of her breath as she sleeps

If I were to speak of her beauty
Resulting words could only fail
Though my honor and my duty
Descriptions devised would seem lifeless and pale

If I were to write her a poem
To express my devotion; though rebuked
I would chance to make my feelings known
The very length of it would span the ocean

Were I to sing of my love
The angles would cry, the flood tides arise
A new world be born, if she’d but let me inside
Then I too could be beautiful

She is all.  That which she loves, I love.  That which she hates, is anathema to me.  Though she may never be my woman, I will always be her man.