Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ask Yourself

What is it about your beliefs 
That make you think you have the right or the responsibility to tell others how to live?  
Have you been given a mandate to ignore your own short comings 
In order to point someone else’s out?  

Have you been told that your actions are so beyond reproach
That you have the right to convict, condemn or penalize another?  
You claim to worship the same God I do 
Yet your understanding of his golden rule is vastly different than my own.  

I say you have been listening to gossips and liars.  
I say you have allowed someone to pervert the gospel of love and forgiveness
Turning it into one of judgment and hatred.  
I say you need to repent and rediscover the love of the Christ in your heart.  

The time is short; if we do not find love,
we will surely loose our lives.