Saturday, March 16, 2013


Life such an unkind blessing at times
Tortured by demons pursued by curses
Given children who did not understand
Sacrifices punctuated by blasphemies and unuttered verses

A voice that longed to sing
Silenced by shame and fear
A soul that longs to soar
Fettered by those who will not even shed a tear

Mother I forgive all
Mamma I ask forgiveness in return
Dear God, what would I be
Without the lessons, from you, I've learned

I will champion your freedom
Where I failed you before
If I showed disrespect
I will err no more

Your bravery, valor, never again in question
Your music running through my veins
Your imagination, your joy, will live
Your family will not fail you again

Life, was not wasted
Lessons, great teacher, have been learned
Liberation, brave soul, you shall find
Love, dear mother, has been earned

The ghouls will not have you
To poke and prod  nor dissect you as you languish
For once mom, I will not fail
I will allow you to see the finish

Heaven will open unto you
If such a place exist for anyone
If there is justice, honor, or strength in me
So help me, I will do my duty as your son

Tomorrow mother, your children will come
In your defense, we will fight
Give you peace and dignity
Those things you earned by right

Mamma, I love you
The tears I cry, are tears of shame
For every time, no matter why
I ever cursed your name

I know the value
Of you above all others
She who gave me life
My dear sweet loving Mother

Margy Clark Born to miners, lived as a teacher and nurse care giver, fighting for her children who'll never forget.  Sacrificing for babes that have grown fierce.  Mother, teacher, nurse, friend, human, sweet spirit who deserves peace.  Gladys and I will fight for you mom.  So help me God.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

And Still

At the first glance
I was done, I knew
I had no chance
It has always been you

Battered dreams
Feeble hopes, false starts
Advances, retreats, all tearing at the seams
Alone, a glass, a hotel room and Makers Mark

Stranded in paradise
Etta swings and I sing mournful and out of key 
Salted water hiding in my eye
What would you think, if you could see

Night and day, baby it's you
No matter who I'm with 
Regardless of what I do
Memories passing through bring me bliss

Pour another plastic cup
In my solitude, Billie surely knew
Perhaps, I should just give up
Hold no dream to get me through

Damn the thoughts that keep me sparkin'
Cursed hunger yearning to taste those lips
Purgatory, torturous hell, lovely voice to which I hearken
Longing for pleasures between those hips

O' divine vision, obsession, since first impression
Sate me, release me, kill me a thousand times
Lift me from this fool's deception
Release me Lord from passion's crimes

But prisoner I will ever be
A sweet and bitter pill
Forever locked and chained by she
Love's prisoner, laying here, quiet, and still

Roger H. P. Clark
The Necromata

Friday, March 1, 2013

On the Death of Noble Rat

Some would say you were only a rat
Vermin, source of disease and destroyer of property
I was content to let you live because you offered no insult
You committed no crimes against me

I denied you your sources of food
I hoped you would just leave
But you were cunning and still you thrived
I admired you and your perseverance

You began to destroy wires and chew through things
Much as I might, if left to starve
You fought to live
You fought to survive

In my anger, I set plan in motion
I would be avenged for having to repair that which you had broken
I laid trap, and bait and I would wait
And in my snare you would fall

My "genius" bore fruit
You did succumb
And as you lay helpless
My hammer fell ending your spark

I name myself villain
My new name fiend
But how to make recompense
How to cleanse my sin

I will honor you, adversary
I will fast and pray
That your small soul will find home
That your journey will begin anew

As for me there is no pride
I will not be hypocrite adding to my crime
I will simply say this chapter is done
And move on and hope to do better than before

I name you Noble Rat