Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Prayer of Thanks

Thank you mother
For bearing me in your womb
And fighting to educate me
Loving me, believing in me
I will believe in myself and succeed
That your sacrifice is not in vain

Thank you father
For teaching me
And making me tough
Breaking me down, so that no one else could
I will be strong and protect others
So your honor is not forgotten

Thank you ancestors
For showing me the way
And giving me a rich history
Hard work, faith and sacrifice
I will teach the generations to come
That your legacy shall not pass into shadow

Thank you Lord Jesus
For dying for my sin
And granting me mercy
Bridging the gap between life and death
I will live my faith
So others shall see you in me

Thank you Father God
For giving me life
And shaping me in your image
Bringing forth the divine spark
When they ask who has sent me
I shall say “I Am”

You must do more than say thank you with your lips; you must show it in your life.