Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wowo's Smile

I never met a man
Who smiled so much
Sharing warmth like few can
With the kindest touch

A joyous grin
Never once a fake
Shinned from within
For Jesus' sake

Honesty, integrity,
Honorable, and an undeniable
Air of purity
A role-model without rival

Wowo, I cried selfish tears
The day I heard you left
Then I smiled thinking of the years
God gave you as our gift

Thank you for your lesson
Proving love does conquer all
And pray for us a blessing
When we hear the good Lord's call

I know the path to take
I pray I have the courage
I learned what is at stake
From the man who called me George

Wowo, Maraming Maraming Salamat Po. Thank you for reminding me that goodness and honesty still exist. Thank you for giving me a new name even as the Lord gave me a new life. I know you intercede for us now, that we may never forget to practice, honor, honesty, and integrity without hesitation or compromise.

--Para Sayo siempre ako po si George