Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making Me Stronger

I want to take a minute to thank
Some very special people for making me stronger

To the school yard bully
Who stole money from me
Made me afraid to come to school
Thank you
Today I am a warrior
I do not fear you or any man

To the cut up in class
Who saw me as a target
Tried to exploit my vulnerability
Thank you
Today my words are tools
I have learned to use them well

To the teacher
Who chose to ignore my potential
Relegated me to C level
Thank you
Today I expose false authority
I have learned to help others excel

To the animal
That took from me my innocence
Forced on me a terrible, secret burden
Thank you
Today I help remove filth from our streets
I have no shame, no secrets

To those who have wronged me
Lied to me, hurt or maligned me
Thank you
Today I have grown into a man
Unafraid, armored, and righteous

I am a victor, not a victim
I know my strength can help others
I love even my enemies
I have learned what real friends are
I will fight for them and for myself

Thank you all
With out you
I could not be the man I am
I could not have evolved
I might have no reason for pride

We are created by the divine
Tested by adversity
When we discover the "I Am"
We have evolved
True human beings

For those of you who have been my friends and family through it all thank you for being the water that cools and tempers steel.  Special thanks to my best friend, teacher, and peer A.K.A.