Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Longing

As Summer's breeze
Cools into Fall
Like leaves from trees
Before me sprawled

And in my eyes
A tapestry
Both truth and lies
Wove maserfully

In each of these
You still reside
A presence felt
Still at my side

Where 'er you go
My heart goes too
Though distant paths
From those we knew

Throughout my years
Love, lovers and friends
Too well I know
This longing never ends

You get it.  I know you do.  Still...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye; Saying Hello

Saying goodbye
It is tough when some things pass
As tear drops leave my eyes
And steal my will to laugh

I know that things work out
They always find a way
Choking back my doubt
Embrace the coming day

Saying hello
Rejoice in something new
Bask in dawn’s warm glow
This dear love is true

A new day has begun
And still within my heart
Though new songs must be sung
You have colored every part

A New Decade, never forgetting those things and people who have passed from us.  Remembering the joy we felt and even those things that did not go as planned; we survive and triumph.  I thank God for all that has touched me and made me who I am.