Friday, January 14, 2011

Cry Freedom!

It is said that we were created in God's own image
Sometimes, it seems so hard to believe
Other times a warrior leads us in the scrimmage
Challenging all to overcome and achieve

WE have a dream undying and undaunted
Our hearts and minds must remain resolute
There is still a call to which must be responded
A mission still left that none can refute

My brothers and sister still live full of terror
Their children still hunger and cry in the street
The hero you seek stares back in the mirror
This is not the time to shrink back nor sound a retreat

Lift up your head, your heart and your voice
Shout it loud until Kingdom Come
Now's the time, raise the standard, there's no other choice
Cry Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! FREEDOM!

Dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) and to men and women everywhere who still struggle to live free.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Past Present Future

Memories always look the way we want them to

Good and evil cut and dry with little middle ground

In our minds the fruit is sweeter, the cuts much deeper

The passion hotter and love much truer than any ever known

The present is opportunity, challenge, danger at every turn

Today is the proving ground where iron is forged to steel

Here is where your love swells and your children laugh

Now is the gift of God, the breath of life, more, more than this

Tomorrow is an illusion, a promise with no guarantee

Future is futile, ephemeral, always just out of reach,

Prophesy is a guessing game, a gamble and a dream

Inifinty is a long way off you can only guess what it brings

Remember all of the past because wisdom is it's legacy

Hope and plan for the future though it may never be

But, live today, in every breath and pumping of your heart

It's in this time your memories end and the future gets it's start
To say there is no time like the present is an understatment of epic proportions.  There is likely no other time at all...  Use it wisely.