Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome Samhain (Sauin, Samain)

We celebrate the lengthening of the night that balances the day. 
We welcome our departed family and friends
And chase malign spirits away. 

So don you now scariest garb, and light the pumpkin wards
Dance and sing; revel in the moonlight
To keep dark, foul spirits from knocking at your door

And if some ghoulish figure 
Comes a haunting at your hearth, 
Offer something sweet 
Or you just might get something worse...


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Choosing joy seems obvious.
Pose the question; is it better to be
Happy or sad?  One should easily see.
Not unrealisticly so, not blinded by it,
Rarely that and then...

Joyous, because you can be.
Exhuberant, to far flung extremes
Beyond the norm of the contented
To where angels love to dream.

A gift the day it happens
This rare exhaulted place
Slowly savor, live the moments
Bathe in the magik and blessed be

Breathe in God's life giving breath
Dance in the light of life and be set free

It's like coming out of a dark tunnel or the rainbow and crisp air after a storm.  When it hits nothing else matters.  Joyous because life has returned to me again.