Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Best of Me

Sitting across the table
Caught in conversation
The object of my deepest love
And of my admiration

She is the very core of me
I will ceaseless seek to earn
Her love for all my life
Though my attention she may spurn

Her intellect and imagination 
Stir Deep inside my heart 
Her skill, her spirit, all of these
Are poetry, beauty and art

She is my best friend
No matter how it all turns out
She can count on my support
Of that there is no doubt

Willing slave I am
Bound for life to serve
Foolish hope I hold
Her love someday deserved

She is the very best of me
My soul, and my desire
All I am is her's
In this I shall not tire

'Nuff Said

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pledge of a Common Man

I am a common man
I love, laugh, work and breathe, all in common ways
I have no political power, no mandate 
I have a common voice, but it shall be strong
I will use that tool in support of common people everywhere 
I will not be silent in the face of injustice
I will not ignore the cries of my brothers and sisters
I will speak on behalf of those with no voice
I am a common man 
I will stand and be counted

To my brothers and sisters world wide, living in what seems like never ending conflict; I recognize that we are oft caught in the gears of the machine.  Guard yourselves, persevere the storm.  For the kings and powers of this world will pass away, and only the common man will remain.