Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Common Cause

If we look around it is apparent
All our fates are intertwined
My life is bound to touch yours
And others blend with mine

Mankind’s best days ahead of us
So many lessons learned
Incorporate the benefits
That other’s struggles earned

This is the day for hope
To win a lasting peace
By now applying justice
From the greatest to the least

Only when everyone is free
Can we have liberty at all
Honor all their sacrifices
Raise the banner should it fall

Know now you do not stand alone
A billion points of light
Here now stand assembled
To aid you in your fight

We will not stand by idle
Our voice shall never still
Whilst people suffer needlessly
By some oppressors will

Freedom is the right of all
To live as God intends
We stand beside you one and all
Neighbors, family, and friends

It is my belief that only when we are all allowed to live free do any of us have freedom.  If any person's rights are being suppressed then those of every other person are in jeopardy.  We are bound together inexorably.  With communication and technology we are all closer than ever before.  We must respect each other and support one-another.  We must find a balance between the individual and the community.  Most importantly we must encourage freedom, kindness, and tolerance.